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From the ancient times we have been traditionally following our various Kamasutra methods of having sex which has lot of positions which can deeply rejunavate your mind and soul both. These are the practical ways of releasing your day to day stress level. Having sex is most important when it comes to maintaining your hormonal balance.

What if you are having first time hot sex with your partner?

It is very awkward situation when you or your partner is having hot sex first time and such situations you must have various options to explore like watching Indian porn videos on internet may help giving you some tips or you can google up some of the Indian sex videos which are casual enough to give you an exact feel of sex and lust during your first time. Moreover, you can also explore most of the Kamasutra sex positions which are crazy when it comes to talk about Indian sex. So let us explore some of the positions of desi sex here:

1. Legs up Missionary - This method is quite proven for having desi sex.

How to Perform: Suppose let the girl be at your bottom and a man be above her in that position let girl spread her leg over your shoulder so that she can get exact position to perform this position and you in parallel rest over your knees and let the play begin itself. This is gonna be more fun and pleasure for sure.

How it is beneficial: This is definitely quite beneficial interms of knowing your partner well and during this you should have verbal communication to get more engaged during such a hard core penetration. We suggest this sex position is one of the best Indian sex position for any star.

2.Cowgirl - One of the fantastic ways of having hot sex.

How to Perform: Performing this position is an exact way of making sure that both partners get immense pleasure. During this hot sex position Male partner generally lies down on his back on the floor and allows his female partner to lie down on him where her back should face towards upside. Here female partner gets more pleasure than male partner.

How it is beneficial: This is quite hot sex position for sure when this is performed girls will get immense pleasure from her partner and there will be more health benefits for male partner as his testosterone levels will hike with a good percentage. This will boost your confidence level for sure.

3.Doggy Style - This is the males craziest fantasy when it comes to having Indian sex by watching Indian porn videos.

How to Perform: Here the female partner must take a position on bed with the support of her hands and knees and where male partner must sit behind her and penetrates from the back along with having a fun of watching Indian porn videos together. This position is quite deeper than normal positions so you can go slow and steady to make sure your partner does not get hurt during performing this.

How it is beneficial: This is the exact way of knowing your male partner capacity of making you satisfied, So girls if you are in need of hard core sex than you must get this going and let your partner make you satisfy. And yes do not forget to watch Indian porn videos while performing such a crazy position.

4. Weak in the knees - This is an excellent position if it is done while watching Indian sex videos.

How to perform: During this position please remember that one of the partner must be seating on the bed and other must seat down his or her knees while giving an oral to your partner. But if this position is performed while watching Indian sex videos on youtube than this would be one of the mind blowing Indian sex method.

How it is beneficial: Here both of you get enough opportunity of satisfying each other and remain in the world where there is nothing else is going on around both of you. This will help you both to know your likes and dislikes.

5. Modified doggy version - There are lot of Indian sex video on such version you must not forget to watch those as mentioned below

How to Perform: If you are here to get an intense sensation than watch this Indian sex video very carefully which will clearly show you that here female partner will lay down on her knees and legs on the bed and sometimes she can use pillow while performing such sex position so that other partner will get more comfortable having sex by placing himself over her and connecting through her arched desi ass. And this is quite sexy but you must practice this slow in start and later once you are expert must perform best as you feel like.

How it is beneficial: When you are watching such Indian sex video of having doggy style let me tell you will feel amazing for sure. In this position both the partners can see each other and have clear conversation to know each other much better. So you can do dirty talks and make it more wild if you perform the same way as shown in above sexvideos.

6. Spooning - google some sexvideos about this get to know more about it.

How to perform: This is quite famous position of people who love having G-spot sex. This position female partner will first lay down over a bed and then male partner will curl around her so that he can enter from behind. This angle may need lube or something to make it more smoother while penetrating inside your G-spot.

How it is beneficial: This lets you get comfortable with each other immediately. And this is quite advanced position so you must watch lot of sexvideos to perform such position properly when it comes performing in a perfect way.

7. Standing - Indian sex reveals lot of secrets for you to be more happy.

How to perform: In such a crazy Indian sex position wall is quite good friend of female partner. She just needs to stand next to wall and let her male partner stand behind her. Here female partner must uplift her one leg in such way that her partner can insert her from behind very easily and also do not hesitate to use pillow below a feet of female partner if there is a big difference of height between two of you.

How it is beneficial: In such a awkward situation there are definitely more chances of falling down while performing such intense Indian sex. In any case if you have successfully performed this position than you both will feel like a porn stars for sure.

We have shown you lot of ways to perform an exact way to make sure you both get to know each other well and if you are fan of Bangalore escorts than you should not forget to connect us now.

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