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Shivani Mehta, Bangalore Female Escorts 22

Bangalore Female Escorts - dreams to be best xxx Indian Porn Star.

How I became one of the finest Bangalore female escorts of a very well known Bangalore Escorts group in India? This is definitely my first step before being world class Indian Porn Star.

Hello people, my name is Shivani Mehta and I am basically from New Delhi. I am born and raised here. I am living alone on my own. Well, my mother always taught me that a girl should always be financially independent.

By profession, I am a marketing executive in software firm. But, in my free time, I do modeling. You can say that modeling is my passion. I always loved being clicked and I thought of giving it a try. Other than that I love spending the weekend outside exploring the areas and new places. I also love enjoying BBQ with my friends. I am a person who believes in living life to the fullest. You only have one life to live and it's in your hands how you want to live and enjoy it.

Well, about my family my father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. I also have an older sister. You can say that we both are twin sisters because we do the same thing and it's like we have the same opinions and choices about everything.

I've always had been in relationships like there wasn’t any single phase that I wasn’t in the relationship. But, let me tell you I am not good at long term relationships. I mean how can you spend your whole life or even all your years of college with only one person. That just sounds so scary. This thought changed my life completely and end of the day I become of one of the best Bangalore Female Escorts.

I am looking for someone full of life, happy and positive person. Someone who loves parting, drinking and hanging around. I am looking for someone who can be in a short term relationship with me. If you have all of that then we can go to the club tomorrow. This shows how romantic girl I am and it is but obvious for a person like me luxury is life so normal job of marketing would never let that happen with me for sure so I created my own dark side of life to fulfill my luxurious lifestyle by being one of the famous Bangalore female escorts.

Have you ever heard of Bangalore female escorts, let me tell you more….

Let me introduce myself as an escort as previously you knew me as marketing executive. Now here we go for more as my different character as an explosive blonde girl working as female escort in Bangalore. I am really excited to have a date with you but make sure you have enough money to fulfill my need too. I love to meet men and spend intimate moments with him. I am a casual girl who has a lot of different interests: listening music, reading, travelling, practicing sports, watching movies, I am always doing something and can't be quiet for a minute. Just hold on for a sec let me tell you that I am more fond of xxx porn movies too which are my craziest desires of life. I am more wilder on bed, do not forget this before hiring me as one of your best Bangalore female escorts. In my dates, I am exactly like that. I am really active and can't stop telling you things, looking at you sensually, touching you and doing everything you could ask or desire for.

What makes me different from other Bangalore female escorts provider in the town?

I have a open personality. In the company of a Indian Porn Girl like me, you will be able to make your most intimate and dark dreams come true. I love to experience new things and I am always looking for men who propose me exotic and unusual stuff. I provide a best female escort service, meaning that I am great in oral job, anal and any kind of sex positions. I will prepare a soft drink for you. You will drink it quietly and in the meantime I can make a slow and erotic dance moves for you. Does it sound good? I would love to do it! Feel real happiness with me once you have decided to hire me as your dream girl from our one and only Bangalore female escorts.

My dream of True Indian Porn Star will be soon completed as you would read in my next chapter sooner. So stay tuned once I achieved that level of XXX Porn Industry.

Hindi, English
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