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Hello guys, my name is Ananya Pandey and by profession, I am a hockey player. I also have played hockey for a national team. I am basically from Bikaner and living right now in Bangalore (India) for my hockey training.

My friends would describe me as a smart, crazy, hard worker, and someone who would never give up on things easily. Well, I am here on this escorts website looking for a genuine money making relationship with someone who is honest and well-settled sugar daddy who can afford classy Indian Porn Star like me.

I've never really used a dating or escorts website before in Bangalore. Yeah! I was in a long-distance relationship with my ex-boyfriend for almost two years. And let me warn you! You should never do a long-distance serious relationship after my experience of sexy girl life as Indian Porn Girl. Let me narrate my boring but slightly hot and sexy love and lust sex story from when we started our relationship we both did not bother to even ask where we were from because everything just felt so beyond beautiful as we both were quite hot as Male and Female Bangalore Escorts. We’ve been texting and video calling every day for the last two years, but we haven’t met until six months ago. We also do Online sex chat and we also do video sex over a call during this long distance relationship. When I met him he wasn’t the person I expected. He was a totally different person than I have had imagined to be. I felt so bad and felt like everything just shattered.

Though, I am money minded too so but obvious when time is money, just because of this jerk It lost my two years for nothing. Now this time it won't be same as Indian Porn Star I would go for date but not without money and that was my clear intention while choosing a right person from that Bangalore escorts website. Its been six months now and I've learned to accept the distance and that nothing will ever be right until we meet in person that too by keeping mind that he must have enough money in his pocket for sure apart from he being Male Escort in Bangalore. I am trying again to find this time a well settled sugar daddy who can be in a short term relationship with a porn star like me but we need to go on a sex date first. I am looking for a person who is hot, handsome and someone who has a charming personality. Though, age does not matter for me even if he elder than me makes no difference to me this time. But one of the biggest necessity is you must have enough sex strenght to take care of my all sexual needs baby. If you have all of these qualities as a hot men than we can go on a sex date somewhere in the café of a pretty high end hotel or near a beach for a long walk which can end up to a candle light dinner and than going to room for those lovely sexy moments. Me as a Bangalore Escorts will blow your mind as till date no one has met me who can satify my sex needs in India.

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Have you ever been with a princess? If the answer is no, then it's a good day for you. Hello! From now on I will be your princess. I am a young escort and star who loves spending time with strong and interesting men, so I decided to enroll the team and work as Bangalore escort. I am tall and seductive sexy girl who loves to listen and understand the different stories, issues, problems and personal thoughts of any man who wants to share them with me. I like looking at hot men while they are talking. I am a goodlistener apart from being top class Indian Porn Star that make me very different from many other Bangalore escorts in today's era.

I adore it. It's something that really excites me and makes me get out of my bounds. In my dates, I love to prepare carefully what kind of clothes I'm going to wear. Above all, my lingerie. You will be impressed when you see me almost naked and moving near you. I use to dance, so be prepared to see me swinging softly on your side and make you feel so excited. I love doing blowjobs, on my knees while looking at your eyes. And I love receiving your tongue on me also. It does make me cum, oh yeah. Besides, in my company you will be able to make love all the times that you can and we can try any kind of position. I am all yours and I want you to think that way..

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