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Hello friends, my name is Gauhar Joshi and I am born and brought up in Bangalore. I am a crazy girl who loves to do crazy things like going on dangerous roller coasters, doing difficult stunts, and to go on haunted places. Before letting you more about myself, let me confess one thing that I claim myself to be best Bangalore escort service provider.

About myself, I am a diehard fan of Deepika Padukone. I love watching her movies and to do dance on her songs. In my spare time, I would love to watch any of her movies with a glass of wine. I am the oldest girl in my family I have a younger sister and she is just eight years old. I and my sister always fight like cats and dogs apart that we love each other a lot.

When I was in school I wasn’t having too many friends. I just had one best friend whose name is Shreya. We both would go to school on a skater. Yeah! I love skating. I am doing skating when I was nine years old. My father gifted me as my birthday present.

I and Shreya would so all the stunts with the skaters and would behave like a professional skater. My mom used to get scared after watching my stunts. She used to always yelling at me for doing dangerous stuff.

Now, that I have completed my college I want to live an independent life where I can live alone on my own, I can pay for my rent, and can create my own life. As we all know nothing comes easy so I chose my own path of escort service in Bangalore. This path led me to a wonderful life where I can get whatever I want it in moments and in fact, my close friend Shreya too joined this career of Bangalore escort to have a feel of what I opt for.

I m looking for someone who can be with me on my hardest time of night. Someone who is looking for a short term and lively relationship. I am seeking someone who likes doing sensual things, who is not afraid to face any situation and someone who can make me laugh all night along.

I have some more of tell you about myself…

I am so good in bed that you will never let me go out of it. I will welcome you to have a great time with lots of fun and I will guarantee you complete satisfaction with no limits. I will indulge you with a relaxing massage and lots of fun time. Full GFE is my USP of Bangalore escort service. I am a loving and caring person, who like to give pleasure and I like to receive it. I pose a combination of alluring femininity with a girly easy-going on life. I love to take the challenge. I am curious about new experiences (use your imagination) provided through the adventure of meeting people from different parts of the world and make them feel out of this world for sure.

Hindi, English
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