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Hello folks, I am a girl from Bangalore escort agency with long hair, a pretty smile, and an optimistic attitude.

I am looking for someone whom I can trust and someone whom I can be depended on. I am living in Delhi with my parents. I have a younger sister too whom I love more than anything in this world.

More about me, I am someone who can't trust anyone easily. I am someone who needs someone by her side to support and care for soon after you hire me. I love driving cars and collecting cars. I have almost six cars in my garage.

About my past, I was in love with a person. I met him through a mutual friend. He was not from a well settled family and was having financial problems and doing a job to support his family. When I met him the first time I found something different in him. He was not like other people. It was like the first sight love for me. We ended up being friends and as time passed by I was fall in love with him more and more.

Things were quite different and difficult for us in the relationship. Because he was from a totally different place and I am from another. We always had arguments about money, manners and sometimes it comes to things like morals and values.

At one point, he broke up with me. I was so frustrated that the first time in my life someone ditched me. I was not the person I was before. I choose to be on a dating website so that I can find someone who has the same standards and class as mine.

I want someone who can match my requirements, someone who is well settled and have a high standard thinking like mine. If you have that then only drop a message to my Bangalore escort agency.

Let me put some lights on my level of thinking which my previous boy could not match...

Discover a world filled with fun, laughter, excitement, happiness, and pleasure. I am a one among all who believe in being top class escort in Bangalore. You will want to agree with me that in life, pleasurable moments can be limited. It is ideal for us to treat ourselves to a nice pleasurable moment sometimes.

I am here to meet all your pleasure needs; I am a beautiful, hot, classy and an educated girl escort. Imagine that you are skillfully touched all over your body by warm hands. With a combination of a deep erotic body massage and caressing your body, right from head to your toes. And then slowly taking you down to lose your senses, with an expertise that’s out of this world, you would feel more relaxed, easing your tensions and be sexually fulfilled. So what else do you expect from my Bangalore escort agency?

I am here to make your sexual wishes or fantasies come true. And trust me, I will make every moment you spend with me memorable and very remarkable. You guaranteed to enjoy a good time and have a pleasurable moment with me.

Your search for the right escort agency in town must end here once you find me in your arms. :):):)

Hindi, English
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